Word 2013 / 360 after 2 weeks use



I have never been a specialist at Word and the office suit from Microsoft but I do like the new 2013. I have been using the XP / 2003 version for a long time, so the old style sort of hangs over me when I am using the new 2013. A couple of weeks ago I did however the shift from 2003 to 2013.

Fo you who have an older 2010 copy you will see that the office suit really got a new nice flow on things. I really like the emulation of the text-marker flowing from left to right. I also really like the new way to handle spelling, if you dont need all of the spelling and grammar of the whole world there really is no need to have it all installed from the beginning.

The word version do load and install quite fast, only a second on my new lenovo 530 with 8GB of Ram. Even when the system is really busy Word still loads very fast.

I have had minimum amount of crashes, it is really stable. Even when I think it is going to go throught the ground and make a real system crash it always kicks back.


  • Loads fast.
  • Installation runs really smoothly.
  • Add features as you go.
  • Many spelling and grammer lists available for download.


  • If you move from 2003 or even earlier versions of Office 2007+ you will feel a small pain the first 10 hours of use.

NB: I bought the 2013 version aka 360.

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