Jolidrive – The first impressions



Many people around me has told me I have to check out Jolidrive. Jolidrive is basically a very nice looking webplattform for all people who want to sign into one place instead of 5-10 different places to get hold of a file. I mostly use Dropbox for different shares and files where we are many using the same files to edit and share. I have a Google Drive account included in my Google Apps account but haven’t gotten around to using it more than I should.

When I signed up for Jolidrive I first reflected on the username needed to be something else than my email. For me who use many different standard logins it was a downfall that I couldn’t register with my email. However for people who feel safe with registering an account through Facebook login you can certainly do that. I do not however have a complete profile on my Facebook so I almost never use the Facebook login.

Not meeting my needs
However, after signing in I was expecting to get an email with my username but there was none. Could be a technical glitch but anyhow well in my account it was really easy to connect my Dropbox (A test account since I normally not connect my real accounts when I am testing.) The files load fast but I feel there is some things missing here:

1. If I want to be able to upload files to my Dropbox.
2. I want to share and collaborate the files in my Dropbox.
3. It would be nice to copy files from my Dropbox to my Google Drive.

Since Jolidrive only gives me access to see and download my files it does not really help me in my work. It feels that this type of application would be perfect if you could for instance copy all your Facebook content to Dropbox. Maybe they will include the feature in the future. A good way to do it from a technical stand would be to make a JavaScript bridge script where the browser downloads and then uploads to the other Service all by the local computer.

Design is delicious
Jolidrive is really nice designed, all the tabs that adjust according to your screen size is really nice. One thing that is a little irritating is that on my Computer I still get the feel it is made for a tab or a phone in mind.

For me it feels that Jolidrive more like a marketing stunt for getting people to download JoliOS that according to the website has made Jolidrive possible. I do not feel I even want to activate the tab feature in my browser to show this application every time when load Chrome. I have access on the PC and Mac and I can easy use the different files easy. BUT if you have a need to store the logins to Dropbox / Google Drive etc and show it on your Ipad for example to a client when you are showing a designidea then sure this can be good but I doubt that it will catch on. But if there is features added to upload and copy files from one drive platform to another then we are talking about a totally different ballgame. So until then, I will have this account and check on it from time to time to see if I can make an constructive with it.


Internet Explorer 10 review


ie10It is no secret that I like Google Chrome and I have never been a fan of Internet Explorer, not for many years anyway. In my work I need to use it, as a developer you can not disregard the fact that IE will always be there to run your web applications and as much as I like the Google browser the IE is getting better, however the browser is not really a big thing.

The upgrade to Internet Explorer did went nice and fast, when the upgrade was done there had to be a mandatory reboot (Windows way of getting on your bad side). After the reboot I ran IE 10 for the first time, I was actually surprised that it did load fast. The IE 9 on a new laptop felt like a slow car running up the highway in need of a boost injection before getting there.

ie-scrollbarOne of the things you will feel directly with Internet Explorer is that Microsoft has made changes to the scrollbar and the way it looks (I really think it looks terrible but maybe that is only me). The loading of pages with much JavaScript from different servers do load slowly. In this aspect IE 10 is no Chrome threat. However when the content has loaded then we see some real changes, the scrolling down and up are blazing fast, I really like that since it feels like a scrollbar on steroids.

Many techs remember that IE 9 was a nightmare on many JavaScript libraries since they had implement a new loading style that worked more like Chrome and Firefox does business and IE 10 is no change in this matter, it is still the same old 9 and JavaScript does not load much faster than IE. I have not timed it but since I see a change on load time without a stopwatch this is just to show that IE has more to learn from their rivals Firefox and Google.

I am happy that IE is changing but it is not really there yet, hope soon it will. :)

Word 2013 / 360 after 2 weeks use



I have never been a specialist at Word and the office suit from Microsoft but I do like the new 2013. I have been using the XP / 2003 version for a long time, so the old style sort of hangs over me when I am using the new 2013. A couple of weeks ago I did however the shift from 2003 to 2013.

Fo you who have an older 2010 copy you will see that the office suit really got a new nice flow on things. I really like the emulation of the text-marker flowing from left to right. I also really like the new way to handle spelling, if you dont need all of the spelling and grammar of the whole world there really is no need to have it all installed from the beginning.

The word version do load and install quite fast, only a second on my new lenovo 530 with 8GB of Ram. Even when the system is really busy Word still loads very fast.

I have had minimum amount of crashes, it is really stable. Even when I think it is going to go throught the ground and make a real system crash it always kicks back.


  • Loads fast.
  • Installation runs really smoothly.
  • Add features as you go.
  • Many spelling and grammer lists available for download.


  • If you move from 2003 or even earlier versions of Office 2007+ you will feel a small pain the first 10 hours of use.

NB: I bought the 2013 version aka 360.

How to manually run ispcp deamon



Sometimes when you use the ISPCP control panel on CentOs you can encounter problems with the deamon crashing and the only way is to reboot. If you only want to add a domain in the panel you can manually run the ISPCP request manager.

Login to the system and run the following

sudo /var/www/ispcp/engine/ispcp-rqst-mngr

If you do not get any errors you are ready to go!

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